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  • Professional Development

    Current & Future Programs for Faculty Offered with the IBSC

    Summer 2018

    Experienced teachers, continue your professional growth on the journey to becoming a master teacher in a boys’ school. Boost your expertise in best practices for teaching boys and creating an optimal learning environment for them. Gain guidance on essential elements of mastery teaching for boys, including:

    • Foundational Relationships: Reflect on the ways strong relationships with students lay a foundation for teaching that both challenges and supports boys in their growth.
    • Cultivating Professional Character: Identify strengths and areas for growth among the four leadership functions of mastery teaching.
    • Building Classroom Climate: Determine what kind of classroom climate you aspire to create and which aspects of climate-building are your strengths.
    • Conducting Intentionally Thoughtful Practice: Learn practices of mastery teaching in boys’ schools and reflect on the use of these practices in your own class.
    • Cultivating Situational Judgment: Reflect on the practical implications of mastery teaching in classroom situations and identify ways to deliberately develop situational judgment.
    • Action Planning: Create a plan to journey toward mastery, identifying challenges you may face and resources you can access.

    Summer 2018

    Introduction to Boys Schools, created by the IBSC and One Schoolhouse, is designed as an orientation to boys’ schools and all-boys learning environments for newly hired teachers. Participants connect and collaborate with each other to explore best practice and research in boys’ schools classrooms. Moreover, participants learn from panels of school heads, alumni, experienced teachers, and new teachers, and therefore are introduced to community members and leaders from around the world.

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