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    Current & Future Programs for Faculty Offered with the IBSC

    February 5 – March 2, 2018

    In this global online course, gain an overview of the theory and practice of leadership in the school environment. Current and aspiring leaders across the school spectrum — from educators to those in school operations, explore and apply models and frameworks for personal and team leadership. Accept the challenge to review and evaluate your own personal leadership skills and styles, as well as those of a leadership team within your school. Get equipped with the skills to identify your leadership strengths and build a professional learning plan for development. Throughout this course, pay special attention to the unique mission, expertise, and culture of boys’ schools in relation to the challenges and opportunities for effective leadership. Visit Building Leadership for additional details and to register.

    February 5 – March 2, 2018

    Experienced teachers, continue your professional growth on the journey to becoming a master teacher in a boys’ school. Boost your expertise in best practices for teaching boys and creating an optimal learning environment for them. Gain guidance on essential elements of mastery teaching for boys, including: Foundational Relationships, Cultivating Professional Character, Building Classroom Climate, Conducting Intentionally Thoughtful Practice, Cultivating Situational Judgment, and Action Planning. Connect and collaborate with fellow aspiring master teachers through a variety of interactive media, including short videos and discussion boards. Visit Mastery Practice in Teaching Boys for additional details and to register.

    Spring 2018

    In our modern world, anything that can be automated will be. We must consider the 21st century the “Conceptual Era” — the era of ideas, innovation, and social leadership. At the same time, the World Health Organization (WHO) names stress the No. 1 health epidemic of our modern world. Stress directly impedes the generation of ideas and social leadership. Each day, educators face the challenge of navigating these two opposing realities. How can we best develop the key future-ready skills required for success in our rapidly changing, fast-paced, ultracompetitive, and highly connected modern world?

    Join fellow boys’ educators in this global online course led by psychiatrist and best-selling author Dr. Shimi Kang. Drawing on irrefutable science and unforgettable stories, Dr. Kang illuminates the latest research-based methods for developing the new future-ready intelligence called Consciousness Quotient (CQ). CQ encompasses communication, collaboration, critical thinking, contribution, and creativity.

    Summer 2018

    Introduction to Boys Schools, created by the IBSC and One Schoolhouse, is designed as an orientation to boys’ schools and all-boys learning environments for newly hired teachers. Participants connect and collaborate with each other to explore best practice and research in boys’ schools classrooms. Moreover, participants learn from panels of school heads, alumni, experienced teachers, and new teachers, and therefore are introduced to community members and leaders from around the world.

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